Nanomic Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a collaboration between Advanced Microbiological Technology of Japan and Vietnamese partners, to create biological products. Japanese quality for aquaculture, animal husbandry and clean agriculture in Vietnam. Nanomic's goal is to bring Vietnamese consumers the best quality products with the best prices to improve productivity, quality, compete well in the international arena, improve the value of benefits. profits for the people.

Motto and orientation of the company:

If you want to grow your business you will first try to build trust.

In the construction and development of the business, we must try to eliminate customers' worries to ensure the reputation of the business always exists in the heart of our partners.

Based on the coexistence and common prosperity , we have been working together and working hard to improve the performance of we.

We aim to become an innovative company, creating many breakthrough products to help solve the difficulties and obstacles that customers encounter.

Nanomic with the aim of becoming a socially respected company.

With awareness and responsibility, Nanomic will strive to become the leading biotechnology enterprise in the country and internationally.

Công ty TNHH Công nghệ Sinh học Nanomic

Nanomic Biotechnology Co., Ltd. would like to sincerely thank our customers for their support and trust in our company's products and services.

Wishing you health and success!

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