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Learn in-depth about biotechnology

In-depth understanding of Biotechnology - 1

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Biotechnology is a collection of science and technology disciplines, including molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, and biotechnology, to create exploited technological processes. At the industrial scale, living activities of microorganisms, animal and plant cells to produce valuable products for life, socio-economic development and environmental protection.

Biotechnology is divided into 3 main stages of development:

* Traditional biotechnology: processing traditional foods such as soy sauce, colander, fish sauce ... by the traditional method; Handling land, fertilizer for agriculture ...

* Modern biotechnology: using technology in product processing such as the use of industrial fermentation pots for large-scale production of granular products such as MSG, amino acids, organic acids, antibiotics, vitamins, enzymes ...

* Modern biotechnology: genetic technology, cell technology, enzyme and protein technology, microbiological technology, fermentation technology, environmental technology ...

Universities in Vietnam are currently training a number of majors such as microbiology, cell technology, tissue technology - protein-enzyme technology and genetic engineering, agricultural biotechnology, biotechnology. industry, environmental biotechnology, food biotechnology, medical biotechnology, information technology and biology.

Today, biotechnology is being applied in many fields such as industry, agriculture, medicine, services, tourism ... to serve all the needs of life such as nutrition, entertainment, health care. ... Using biological knowledge about plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, ... and using "recombinant DNA technology" scientists are trying to create plants and animals. farming has high productivity and quality, all kinds of food, pharmaceuticals for human treatment ...

Therefore, graduates in this field are recognized as bachelor or engineers, working in the fields of medicine and pharmacy (disease diagnosis, drug processing, vaccines); environment (environmental treatment, product toxicity assessment, waste treatment ...); agriculture - forestry - fishery - industry (breeds, diseases, quality); industry (industrial fermentation, biological materials ...

According to biotechnology researchers, to study well or to go into research in this field requires candidates to focus on many factors.

The first is passion for science and creativity. Besides studying well the natural subjects, especially biology, chemistry and physics. The solid knowledge of these subjects will be a good foundation for students to acquire the complex knowledge of biotechnology.

In addition, carefulness is always an important quality for biotechnology workers. Because a lot of work is done in a laboratory with tiny details or strict processes, it is difficult to achieve results without being careful about the details.

Besides the professional competence and the above-mentioned qualities, working in today's modern age, people who need to study this field need to have good foreign language skills, good information technology and soft skills.

What are job opportunities?

Biotechnology has been increasingly becoming truly meaningful to human life. Recognizing that importance, biotechnology has been given a high priority to invest in applied research and plans.

Therefore, there are many opportunities for biotechnology graduates / engineers, including foreign companies, not just state-owned enterprises or specialized private companies.

Normally, foreign companies often have labs to evaluate the waste water targets or the toxic level of products, so the recruitment demand in these positions is also quite large and necessary.

As for domestic enterprises specializing in the environment, waste water treatment, green plants, etc., it is always necessary to recruit new and competent employees to access modern technologies.

Some of the foreign companies wishing to recruit regularly in this industry are: Unilever, Kimberly, Vietnam Beer, San Miguel, Dutch Lady ...

There are also many state-owned companies and private enterprises in the country specializing in waste treatment, environment, food ...

However, this field of study works on expensive, modern equipment found only in research facilities, large companies concentrated in big cities. Therefore, the majority of current graduates are concentrated in the city, in the provinces that do not promote the full potential of their trained occupations due to lack of equipment. This is why the output encountered some difficulties.

Because all schools now teach under the curriculum framework of the Ministry of Education and Training, the same standard is used at all levels of training in the same industry. Therefore, the benchmarking into different schools but basically the program framework is relatively similar.

According to the employers' assessment, the university's candidate to study biotechnology is not a decisive factor but also depends on other factors such as soft skills, computer ability, English. However, for traditional and reputable universities in biotechnology training, it is a definite advantage in the hiring process.

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